Bluegrass and Beyond NYC acoustic music jam (2008 - 2015)

     This jam has officially ended as of May, 2015.    

      Was at Paddy Reilly's Pub, 519 2nd Ave. (at 29th St.), New York, N.Y. 10016. 

      (Hosted by Dave Comins).

"49% Pop/Rock, 49% Bluegrass/Country, 2% Folk (and other inert elements)"

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    "...It's kind of like a tree falling in the forest while one hand claps... you never really know what it sounded like. I'll go with the flow and assume it happened!
    Maybe I'll just call it the "Zen" jam. I wonder if anyone sang any Leonard Koan?..."

    (from the 4/20/09 blog):

      "...Wow, last jam was so wet that I was checking for life vests under my seat..."

     (from the 9/20/10 blog):

        "...There were two older Irishmen who stayed the night - seemingly voluntarily (or at least I don't remember bribing them)... They were pretty effusive in their praise of our music - except that one of them told me that I was holding my guitar wrong - he'd never seen a dobro.

        I told him that if I play it flat like that, I can get drunk, fall over backwards and I'll be holding straight up like everyone else. It just takes me a little longer!..."

    (from the 8/31/09 blog):

        "...It seems like only yesterday that co-host Bill and I conceived our plan to lure John McEuen to our humble jam by convincing him that "Will The Circle Be Unbroken: Vol. 4" was being recorded at Paddy's last Monday..."

    (from the 10/20/08 blog):

          "...(about Scott) Why do all his chord progressions sound like mathematical equations? E (aug. min 6) = M (dim. 13 + 9) C (7 b5 sus 4) (squared) = "I need a beer, maybe two..."

    (from the 10/08/10 blog):

        "...And no, I didn't find a cut-off Martin headstock in my bed that night - the Bob-father must've liked it!..."

Hope to see you there, 

    Dave Comins

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    Paddy Reilly's Music Pub (as featured in Time Out New York - March 2009)
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