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(1/3 of) B And B Beyond NYC - Travels Through Music Heaven (2005-6)...

   Sarah and I became engaged during one of two road trips through country music's heartland... at Jett Ford on the Holston River in Maces Spring, Va. - where A.P., Sara and Maybelle Carter started their lifelong journey into country music by piling into their old Essex and heading across the river to their historic 1927 recording session in Bristol, Tn...

First glimpse of heaven...

If I propose... will she say yes?
         Maces Spring, Va.

So this is where it all started?
       Sarah (l) listens and looks 
                 in Bristol, Tn...

Man... I just missed Elvis!


How can you not "See Rock City"?
        Honey, where did you put 
                our bird feeder? 
Sarah visiting the Doctor... 

Paying respects to a founding father...

The Ryman... I think I hear 
         Roy Acuff saying, "Son, get
                    down from there!"

That's Bluegrass And Beyond, 
        with a "B" - What's that? 
                  No more "B"s?
                       Hatch Show Print...  

Is this REALLY Dr. Ralph's cup?

A perfect car for a "Crooked Road"...

She STILL won't tell me how 
    to play that lick! 
        Country Music Hall Of Fame...

Maybe I was booked for 
                          tomorrow night?