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Grey Fox 2010 - Bluegrass & Beyond Camp

    Here's some photos from Grey Fox 2010, taken by Sarah Galloway (which explains her absence from them) - mostly at the Bluegrass & Beyond campsite.
    Included are some stills from the soon-to-be-famous Banjo Mike's Shirt Folding video, as well as the infamous "Crotch Crusher" Tripod video (one hesitates to call it a seat) - made famous at Grey Fox 2009 by Banjo Mike and "California" (Ray).

    No doubt the hit of this festival was the Folding Toilet (and Mike's shirt).
    We missed you, Ray - but we welcomed Cynthia and Dan, as well as Sue and Don, Gail and Josh this year (... and Gabe, who I called Guy most of the weekend - until Sarah corrected me. Sorry, Mr. G)