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Jimmy's No. 43 and Jen Larson host a Mother's Day "Hog Butchering Demo"

Jen Larson and the North River Band (featuring Paddy's own Tony Delello) topped the bill for a traditional old-fashioned Mother's Day "Hog Butchering Demo" at Jimmy's No.43 in the Village - bringing along all of the co-hosts of the Bluegrass & Beyond jam for the fun.

For those of you who don't know Jen, check out the May 2010 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine for the article on Straight Drive by Casey Henry - and then tell me you don't know who she is!

Our own A.J. Bender, doing many of his own numbers (accompanied by Sarah Galloway, Dave Comins and Bill Giles), lead off the evening. He then generously offered a couple of duets to Sarah and Dave during his set - which he didn't seem to regret too much.

The 2nd Avenue Mountain Boys (Jon Buchalter, Bill Giles, Leslie King and "Banjo" Mike Mulhollan) followed with some mighty fine bluegrass songs and hot instrumentals.

Dancing was provided by owner Jimmy, his wife Pixie and their darling daughter (in pink cowgirl boots), Georgia.

A fine time was had by all - except for one vegetarian of 38 years - who was heard to complain: "I don't remember my dobro squealing quite like this before..."

Photographs by "Banjo" Mike Mulhollan, Sarah Galloway and Jon Buchalter.